On the other hand, you’ll find women clubbing too much after work or stopping over for coffee with friends, a meeting or two on their way home. All this time who is taking care of their kids? That aunt they brought from shags who has no idea what parenting is all about or just too ignorant to care.

The only time they have for family is probably over the weekend or maybe once or twice during the week but only for a very short time. Both parents end up not seeing their kids since they came late in the night when they were dead asleep and awake too late when they’ve already left for school. Who are they to their children? Nothing but total strangers.
The moment adults will realize that family comes first and nothing else, is the moment everything concerning parenthood will fall into place. Forget spending too much time at work, forget spending too much time with friends, spend time with family. They’re the ones that will always be there for you at your sick bed when you’re ailing or when you’re old and motionless.
Take your time to mold adults you’ll be proud of in the future. Adults you can proudly stand then node your head and say, “Yes, that is my product.”
You don’t wanna bring up strangers too, some criminal you shake hands with every morning or some useless young man who will end up giving you pressure then send you to your death bed too soon.
Spend some quality time with your kids so they can’t have time to hide so much behind your back. Play silly games together, crack jokes around one another and talk about different issues then listen to their views. This will allow you to know so much about them and you can help them to build their confidence. Talk to them, help them understand how the world is. Teach them how to be responsible young adults.
I rest my case there, let me not yap a lot since I’m not one yet. I’m hoping I’ll be one someday and it’s my prayer that I become the best parent I can ever be, a good wife to my man and a good mother to mother to my kids well.